The Close Quarter Battle/Attached Weapons Tactics Training Course (CQB/AWT) teaches the operator how to transition between the primary and secondary weapons without losing eye contact with the target; how to recover a weapon that is being stripped away from the operator (either primary or secondary weapon); how to operate from an aerial or high platform; how to use counter angle shooting; and how to operate in water borne or marine environment. The operator will learn the 12 tactical positions of the Tactical Rapid Assault Sling (TRAS™) and the retention and recovery functions of the Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard (TRRL™). The operator will learn to utilize the TRAS load bearing sling properties; to shoot the primary and secondary weapons with both the strong and the weak hand; and to execute emergency weapon escapes.

The operator will learn one of the most advanced weapon recovery techniques for both the primary and the secondary weapons. This course offers a true blend of physical mechanics and the martial arts concept of leverage points. A novice operator can learn these ambidextrous hand-to-hand combat concepts within 20 minutes of one-on-one instruction.

The CQB/AWT training is a 3-day course that includes the TRRL™ Lanyard and the TRAS™ Sling. The operator must provide his own weapons. The pistol must have a lanyard eye. The operator will need to notify us about the type of weapon and the attachment points for the sling, he/she is bring.


The Instinctive Shooting Course (ISC) provides critical information to the operator in the physiological and psychological dynamics of instinctive shooting under fire. ISC teaches an in-depth understanding of the “peripheral” sight shooting engagement from a point shoulder position. The ISC Course enhances the operator’s “Mechanical, Mental and Moral” firearm skills in CQB lethal threat confrontations. The operator will gain skills that he or she can take into his or her personal training environment. The operator will learn how to work on self-improvement without the need of positive reinforcement coaching. The operator will gain the ability to self analyze the fundamentals in his or her troubleshooting matrix, and will be able to map out his or her progress in “self training” and “self correcting” on his or her firearms training program.

The Instinctive Shooting Course is a 3-day course designed for Law Enforcement and Military operators. The operator needs to have basic pistol qualification skills.


The Audio/Visual Camouflage Course (AVC) is designed to enhance the operator’s capabilities in two areas: camouflage and suppressed weapons. The AVC Course addresses camouflage by pattern and camouflage by color in both urban and in field environments. The course presents the use of suppressed weapons in the supersonic and the subsonic mode, as well as ammunition characteristics and limitations.

This is an advanced 40-hour course designed for Law Enforcement and Military operators. The operator must have a basic sniper certification.


The Intermediate Tactical Courses are provided for the Carbine, the Subgun, and the Shotgun. Each course is a 3-day training session for intermediate tactical operators. These courses are designed to address specific problems in the areas of target acquisition; rate of fire control; reload drills; bound and over-watch drills; use of proper ammunition for soft or hardened targets; weapon limitations and capabilities; enhanced accessories for weapons; care and maintenance of weapons.

Note: These are individual courses. When applying for the course, the operator must specify which course he wants to attend by designating which weapon he will bring.
These courses are designed for Law Enforcement and Military operators.


The Basic Sniper Course is designed to provide the operator with the fundamental concepts of rifle marksmanship, basic ballistics, the use of optics, range estimation, equipment care, and liability and responsibility per individual department regulations and procedures.

This is a 40-hour basic course for Law Enforcement only. This course will place a greater emphasis on urban tactics rather then field tactics.


The Advanced Sniper Suppressed Rifle Course (ASSR) is for Law Enforcement and Military operators. The 40-hour course requires that the operator have a good technical background as a sniper or as a counter-sniper. The operator needs to be an advanced basic operator or an advanced operator.

The ASSR Course will cover suppressed sniper rifles both semi-auto and bolt action. It will address the history and development of these weapons; the deployment of these rifles with supersonic and subsonic ammunition; the limitations of ammunition and weapons; the optical equipment problems in the supersonic and subsonic ballistic environments; the issues of barrel length, rifling twist, lands and grooves; the care and maintenance of suppressors; and the solving individual operator’s weapons problems.

This ASSR Course will separate suppressed weapons facts from fiction. The operators will gain confidence and the technical skills to successfully deploy suppressed weapons in the field.

Note: The operator is required to supply his or her own suppressed weapon and ammunition.


The Special Operations Suppressed Pistol Course (SOSP) is designed to introduce the operator to suppressed weapon usage in both the supersonic and subsonic environment and the ballistic limitations of suppressed pistols. This SOSP Course will cover the care and maintenance of the suppressed weapon; ammunition nomenclature and characteristics; sighting and weapon problem solving; effective ranges and realistic usage of the weapon combination; and other options that are available for the suppressed pistol to enhance operational usage.

The Special Operations Suppressed Pistol Course is a 3-day course designed for Law Enforcement and Military operators. The operator needs to have basic pistol qualification skills. The operator will provide a suppressed pistol and all ammunition.