The Tactical Rapid Assault Sling (TRAS™) was designed by Richard (“Rick”) A. Garcia, Sr. in 1996 to supply the Military and the Police Special Ops Personnel with an alternative to the 3-point only sling and the standard rifle/carbine/assault carry sling. The TRAS™ blends all of the best but limited functions of other slings and at the same time the TRAS™ provides many more shooting positions then the other slings can provide.

The TRAS™ gives the operator the ability to shot from high angle platforms, aerial platforms, and marine platforms. The TRAS™ Sling also offers a large margin of safety to the operator in the high angle, aerial, and marine platform environment. Another unique characteristic of the TRAS™ is that it delivers enhanced CQB usage for either left or right handed shooters. The TRAS™ is possibly one of the only slings in the CQB environment that can furnish the operator with vertical cover by using the primary weapon as a shield and allowing the operator to deploy a secondary weapon immediately.

The TRAS™ utilizes the martial art concept of the figure eight movement. Using the figure eight enables the operator to regain control of the carbine in a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) recovery, hand to hand fight for the weapon. The TRAS™ sling on the operator is positioned with 2 slings to the back and 1 sling parallel to the weapon. The front and rear sling points are attached to the weapon. This creates a fulcrum effect on the sling allowing the operator to move the carbine in a figure eight configuration.

Rick has developed this “primary weapon shield” concept for the Immediate Action Drill of the TRAS™ in conjunction with the TTT/Mission First™ Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™ (TRRL™) which is attached to the operator’s handgun. Rick designed the TRAS™ and the TRRL™ to work together. These two products evolved into the “Close Quarter Battle/Attached Weapons Tactics” Training.


  • Non-metal construction for quiet operation in the field and for no static electricity or magnetic signature
  • tras_on_m4Ambidextrous sling body
  • Capable of secondary weapon carry, litter carry, or heavy equipment carry
  • Universal modular system designed to attach to multiple weapons, i. e. can be removed from a rifle and attached to a shotgun, to a submachine gun, or to a non-lethal weapons system
  • Unique CQB pull tab to extend into a 3-point muzzle down carry
  • Operator safety, break away capability, i. e. weapon can be released from the sling in less then 2 seconds if the weapon becomes detrimental to the operator’s safety
  • Long-term continuous wear of the sling on the operator, i.e., can be safely worn without the weapon for long periods of time; not detrimental to operator performance
  • Proprietary Sling: Only sling designed to interface with Tactical Retention Recovery Lanyard (TRRL™) with 12 sling positions for Close Quarter Battle (CQB™) and Attached Weapon Tactics (AWT) with one sling setting.

The operator adjusts the sling to his/her body size. Then the operator adjusts the 3-point slide release buckle on the sling to position the muzzle of his/her weapon down. Now the operator is able to go into any of the next 12 TRAS™ Sling Positions without readjusting the sling. The exception is re-locking of the CQB™ tab for the CQB™ positions again.

Fast weapon deployment from a secure position. Quality materials and construction. Different models available for Benelli M1, M16/AR15, M16-M4, CAR15, HK Weapon systems, UZI, Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30, Rem. 1100 & 870 Shotguns.