TriTech Training/Mission First!™, Inc. has recently discovered that Botach Tactical, aka Botac is falsely advertising TTT/Mission First!™’s Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™ as the “MR Tactical Lanyard”. Botach Tactical IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED DEALER for the TTT/Mission First!™ Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™ also known as the Tactical Retention Lanyard™. Furthermore, Botach Tactical is violating several Federal Copyright and Trademark laws by the unauthorized use of the TriTech Training/Mission First!™ proprietary photographs and trade names.

We assure our customers that at $9.95, Botach Tactical is not selling a lanyard that is remotely similar to the high quality TriTech Training/Mission First!™ Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™. Our Lanyard is proudly made in the U.S.A. to the highest military specifications.

At $9.95 the MR Lanyard is NOT MADE in the U.S.A AND IS A CHEAP IMITATION OF WHAT IS PICTURED ON THE BOTACH WEB SITE. Additionally, if the consumer looks closely at the photograph on the Botach Tactical web site, you can observe that Botach inked out the TriTech Training/Mission First!™ distinctive “triangle” product label.

TriTech Training/Mission First!™, Inc. has many authorized reputable Dealers throughout the United States and Europe. We assure you that these Dealers are selling the Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™ with its distinctive “triangle” product label at a fair price. As the manufacturer, TTT/Mission First!™ warrants this product for our Dealers.

There are other copies of the TriTech Training/Mission First™ Tactical Retention Lanyard™ and the Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™ in the marketplace. But none of these “knock offs” can claim to provide recovery capabilities or to have two 150 pound breakpoints that the Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™ has.

Finally, the Federal Government HAS NOT issued an NSN or National Stock Numberfor the Tactical Retention Lanyard™. TriTech Training/Mission First!™, Inc. is the original designer and manufacturer of the Tactical Retention Lanyard™ and the Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard™. TriTech Training/Mission First!™ has a current GSA Contract with the Federal Supply System. If the Federal Supply System were to issue an NSN/National Stock Number, it would issue it TriTech Training/Mission First!™, Inc.

Be advised that TriTech Training, Inc. is pursuing several entities in the District Court system and has obtained Court Injunctions against these entities for UAUTHORIZED sales of the TriTech Training/Mission First!™, Inc. products.


This is the ORIGINAL, not an inferior copy, of the Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyard, designed by former Police SWAT Instructor, Rick Garcia. This TRRL™ is used by the Military and the Police Special Operation groups all over the world. The TRRL™ has served duty with the United States Military in the War in Iraq, as well as in the War in Afghanastan, and the Bosnia conflict.

Special Operations groups, especially the 1st Recon Company of U. S. Marines, prefer the TTT/Mission First™ TRRL™ Lanyard because it is the only lanyard that has 2 emergency breakpoints (breaks with 150 pounds of pressure) and one manual quick detach release. Don’t be fooled by our imitators! Look for our distinctive “TTT/Mission First™ Triangle Label”. If it isn’t from TTT/MF, it is not the best!

One of the reasons that I developed the TRRL™ was to enhance my fellow officers’ and soldiers’ chances of survival in the field. Throughout my Military and Police career I attended various professional schools and I found that the instructors were excellent. However, there was no coursework that taught simple practical tactics in weapon retention, weapon recovery, and weapon transition. I knew that an operator should be able to utilize a lanyard on a handgun using the martial arts concept of leverage points on the hand to provide the operator with overwhelming strength advantage. Therefore, I developed the Tactical Retention/Recover Lanyard (TRRL™) which employs these leverage points on the hand. As an enhancement to TRRL™ Lanyard, I developed the Tactical Rapid Assault Sling (TRAS™) which utilizes another martial art concept of the figure eight movement in Close Quarter Battle. The TRRL™ used together with the TRAS™ provides the operator with the ability to move from carbine to handgun back to carbine with no lose of control of either weapon.

The TRRL™ Lanyard is also available in a break resistent model. The lanyard coil is sheathed in a nylon cover to provide coil protection and additional strength.

The PCO™ Lanyard is our Plain Clothes Officer lanyard which is designed for soft clothes wear and concealment. The retention coil is smaller and provides effective retention.

The PCO™ Lanyard is attached to the Kestrel Weather Station. The Lanyard then can be clipped into the Pouch with a quick release clip which is attached to the Leica APO Spotting Scope in the photo. The Pouch may also be attached and carried on a belt or on a tactical vest. A loop and belt slot are provided in the back of the Pouch.